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  • 1 hour consultation with Ford 

  • Online or in person

  • The New Music Industry 101

  • Artist & Demo Evaluation

  • Artist Development Strategy

  • Distribution

  • YouTube, Spotify, Apple

  • Marketing & Promotions Strategy

  • Creator Monetization

  • Consultation fee applied toward services 



• Artist Evaluation/ Consulation

• Demo Review

• Branding Consultation

• Songwriting Mentor with Ford

• Music Arrangement

• Music Production

• Vocal Arrangement & Production

• Recording Studio

• Mixing & Mastering

• Remix Management

• Video Production Consultation

• Live Tour Consultation


• Artist Evaluation/ Consulation

• Taste Maker Service

• National Record Pool Service

• Euro Record Pool Service

• YouTube Playlist Promotion

• Dj Times Chart Promotion

• Music Week Chart Promotion

• Billboard Dance/ Urban Chart Promotion

• Internet and Satellite Radio Promotion

• Dance/ Urban Radio Promotion

• Top 40 Radio Promotion

• Billboard Top 40 Radio Chart Promotion

• Music Video Promotion

• News Wire Promotion

• Exclusive Showcase to Major Label Execs

For Selected Artists Only



• Recording Studio Set-Up

• DAW Music Production Class

• Advanced DAW Music Production Class

• Music Mixing Class  with Ford

• The New Music Business 101

• One on One time 

Booking Your Session
  • Contact us in the box below and leave a message telling us the services you are interested in

  • If you are a recording artist and have material for our A&R specialist to review, please include links only

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FORD is an American award winning music producer, songwriter and visionary. For more than 30 years, Ford has created music for some of the most famous recording artists in the world, earning RIAA production credits on more than 35 million albums sold world-wide and nearly one billion Youtube streams.


Fords’ discography includes: Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Mick Jagger, Vitas, Britney Spears, P Diddy, Christina Aguilera, Rob Thomas, Jewel, Brandy, Ludacris, Twista, Fat Joe, Ciara, Missy Elliott, Craig David, The Sugarhill Gang, Furious 5, Shinedown, Paul Okenfold and many others.


Beyond music production, Ford has been named president to 3 record labels, Nebulous/ Atlantic (2001), Peaceman Music (2007), and currently Phi Tribe, a conscious record label dedicated to transforming music into a healing modality for the betterment of  mankind.


Aside from a stellar career in the music industry, Ford is also an author of two books on consciousness and existential philosophy. Through extensive research, Ford has applied this esoteric wisdom of sacred geometry, frequency and vibration to create an entirely new way to think about music. Phi Tribe is the culmination of this vision.


Top tier artists will be selected for distribution with our premier record label, Phi Tribe. Home to some of the biggest stars on the planet, Phi Tribe is the worlds first Music label specializing in an exclusive 432Hz and Phi Balanced™ music catalog, unifying the sound of music with the Golden Ratio of Nature.

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Musician • Philosopher • Visionary

In this vlog from the eternal present moment, I play as an Award Winning Music Producer, Musician and Songwriter. Additionally, I love to talk about esoteric gnosis , zen, satsang , non dualism , self awareness , spirituality and self realization having written and published two books on this subject. On Fords Playground, you will get an insight to my unique philosophy on life, the process of creating harmonious music with sound, and how these two things are more closely related than you think. All it takes is to realize life itself is but a single note expression in the composition of a universal symphony. I will also show how many of the techniques for making music are a metaphor to creating harmonious music out of one’s life, in a cosmic dance of grace and beauty. All of this is just the tip of the cerebral iceberg... but you’ll have to subscribe to be apart of my playground.

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